A Skookum Story

Skookum! Skookum! 
That little blue bird 
Stretched out his wings 
And dove into a verb! 

He brushed off his feathers 
From his tail to his crown 
Got hooked on a J 
And bounced off of a noun. 

Skookum! Skookum! 
He's a readin' blue bird! 

Now he's learning his letters 
And the sounds that they make 
Like the L in Linx 
And the S in Snake. 

The words take shape 
In the mind of his eye
The images they create 
Take him far and wide. 

Skookum! Skookum! 
He's a readin' blue bird! 

As the sun goes down 
His dreams come to light 
On a maple tree branch 
He settles in for the night. 

With the stars high above him 
And the shadows below
He curls himself into
The letter O.

Poem written by Grace Pizzuti & Jacqueline Pizzuti Ashby
Illustration by Griffin Ashby

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