About Skookum

Skookum Reads! Little Free Library Established December 11, 2013

A Little Free Library
Skookum Reads! is a Little Free Library. What is a Little Free Library? They are small outdoor structures that offer the community a place to freely exchange books. Give a book. Grab a book. Grow a community. Learn more about the Little Free Library movement.

Where is Skookum located?
We're located in British Columbia, Canada. You can find us on the Little Free Library's world map.

What kind of books should I share?
Little Free Libraries are where you share your favourite books and books that you would recommend to friends and family. You may want to leave a little note inside your book explaining why you've chosen to share it.

Skookum Reads! objective is to offer books for all ages and on topics including food, gardening, and culture; environment and nature; health and wellness; stories and adventure; and communities and civic life.

For donations more than 3 books, please contact us via email at jacqueline.p.ashby@gmail.com

Who built Skookum's Little Library?
Mr. Jeremy Dace is the builder of our Little Library! You can follow the construction process herehere, and here! He did an incredible job! Would you like him to build you one too? You can contact him via email at jdmasonry@live.ca

Skookum and Builder Jeremy Dace

What does "Skookum" mean?
"Skookum" is a term used in Canada to describe someone or something as durable, good, or cool. And as we all know, reading is very cool! Skookum's last name "Reads!" describes what he loves to do!

Where else can I follow Skookum Reads!?
Skookum Reads! has his own community Facebook page. You can follow him there too!

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