Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Kickstarter Campaign!

The Kickstarter campaign is a success! It's been an amazing experience and I'm overwhelmed with the support I've received from so many people! Backers have sent such kind and thoughtful emails conveying their interest in this project; furthermore, I never imagined that Kickstarter would select this project as a Staff Pick (see image below) or feature it on their blog. I'm moved by everyone's gesture to help me.

Honestly, I was very hesitant about launching the project. When you create a Kickstarter campaign and release it to the virtual community, there's a vulnerability in that process. I was anxious about using such a public platform and potentially experiencing a failure that would be easily accessible to many. At the same time, it was sort of liberating to know that I didn't have complete control; the virtual sphere of Internet users would decide my success.

I encourage other creative-types to launch a Kickstarter project. When you truly and wholeheartedly believe in a concept, as I do in the Little Free Library, I think you're moved to put more on the line. Invest your time and energy in composing and assembling a piece of work that expresses to the audience why your project is so important to you and to the broader community. What will a backer's support allow you to achieve? Donors want to build castles too. And if your first campaign fails, learn from the experience and relaunch it with this new knowledge. Most of all, have fun!



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