Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Structure is Complete!

Skookum! Our Little Library!

This evening, I received a call from Jeremy that Skookum was complete and ready for delivery. Here he is! Amazing work and such attention to detail!

Side view of Skookum

I love the chimney! We didn't initially consider a chimney but Jeremy thought it would look cute. To me, the chimney is symbolic of home. It's a wonderful addition. But, what really shocked me was when I opened up the door and noticed that he had finished the floor with a beautiful, chocolate-stained laminate. How fantastic is that?

Skookum's laminate flooring

Thank you Jeremy and Donna for your support and interest in this project. I appreciate the time, love, and care that you invested in Skookum. Honestly, it's the most beautiful, well-constructed Little Library I've seen to date. I'm so excited to paint this baby! Big hugs!



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