Monday, December 2, 2013

Post & Painting!

Setting the Post

Hello Friends!

The weather here has been cloudy with a chance of meatballs. We woke up yesterday to sheets of rain and wind but I was on a mission to get that post in the ground and no hailstorm was going to stop this woman. It's funny when the native New Yorker in me erupts. I woke up the troop and off to work we went. Rob did a wonderful job installing the post. I assisted in the post's plumbing and was responsible for the final call so if it's crooked blame me. My glasses were sitting near the front door when I was assessing the level. We also finished painting yesterday. I have a couple of final touches I'd like to add but we're almost done!

Final paint job!

Over the next two weeks, we'll allow the paint to cure and then Skookum goes out into the world! I'm excited to see how this project is received by the neighbourhood. It's sort of an exploratory study in how little free libraries integrate and/or influence their surroundings. As a researcher, I'm curious if it will encourage reading and learning as well as build on our sense of community.

This project has been incredible adventure that has allowed me to exercise my creativity and imagination while connecting with others. From the Kickstarter campaign to Skookum's character, I've been surrounded by a group of wonderful, supportive individuals who have cared as much as I have in the details and final product. Thank you again for your encouraging words, thoughts, and gestures of kindness.



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