Friday, February 14, 2014

Spreading Love, Learning, and Literacy!

Hello Friends!

Happy Valentine's Day! I have left a series of romantically-themed bookmarks in Skookum for you to enjoy! Grab one while visiting and take a few colourful hearts for creating your own Valentines!

Since launching Skookum Reads! Little Free Library in December, I've received emails from individuals interested in building their own library. Little Free Library provides several resources, building plans, and ideas that I encourage you to peruse before constructing and installing a library. During my research process, I also contacted other little librarians to talk about some of the challenges in designing and maintaining the structure.

Sharing this concept of a community book exchange has been extremely rewarding for me and hopefully for others. In fact, yesterday I was invited by the Chilliwack Learning Community Society's Early Years Group to present on Skookum and its development. The Chilliwack Learning Community Society "builds relationships and partnerships to better meet the learning needs of all community members, to make possible the successful learning, development and growth of the individual, the family and the community" and was recently awarded the "Not for Profit/Service Club of the Year" from the Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce!

During my presentation, I mentioned that my little neighbours enjoy Archie comics. Before departing on my way, Debbie Denault, the Literacy Outreach Coordinator, grabbed me a generous pack for all to enjoy! Thank you Debbie! I've included a handful in Skookum this morning:

Thank you to Debbie and to the Chilliwack Learning Community Society volunteers for their dedication and commitment to improving literacy throughout their city. Keep up your wonderful work!



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