Wednesday, May 14, 2014

United Way, Discover Books & Donations!

Hello Readers! I had the biggest thrill this week. Tuesday morning a Discover Books delivery truck unexpectedly arrived at my home. I was just finishing up breakfast when my husband yelled, "Jackie, you have to come to the window. I think this truck is for you!"

I bursted out the door to meet their driver who informed me that they had a delivery of books for Skookum. I was so excited that I grabbed him and gave him a big hug. This wonderful donation was made possible by the Fraser Valley United Way's Executive Director Wayne Green.

The United Way and Discover Books donated a variety of great reading material for our younger crowd. I have stocked Skookum with a series of Dr. Suess books as well as Geronimo Stilton! I love that little Italian mouse. We also have Arthur and Elmo for our early readers. A big thank you to the United Way, Executive Director Wayne Green, Discover Books and Payam for assisting with the delivery!

And we have more...A big thank you to George, fellow teacher and Archie collector, for donating a stack of comics to Skookum!

Grab a few good books to read before heading off to enjoy the long weekend! Thank you all for supporting Skookum Reads!



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