Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dewey & Annie Bazzanni

A big thank you to one of my neighbours who left Dewey! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it over the past couple of days. I think what I appreciated most about the book was Myron's historical account of Spencer, Iowa and how the town came together in order to survive disasters and economic woes. My doctoral worked focused a bit on libraries and I enjoyed reading about how Spencer's Library had experienced a variety of renovations to keep up with the times and attract more patrons. Two paws up for Dewey!

Also! This Annie Bizzanni book was hilarious! When I looked at the cover I thought, "Finally, someone with my hair!"

But it was this illustration that had me on the floor:

I am the quintessential multi-tasker. Although my toes are not nearly as talented as Annie's, I am a fan of cat's cradle. My Nonna and I used to spend hours on the couch watching The Lawrence Welk Show, eating mint chocolate chip ice cream, and playing cat's cradle. Amazing how a piece of yarn can entertain a child for hours!

Both books are back in Skookum for your reading pleasure!



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