Friday, January 17, 2014

Inspirational Books

The Nink in the Sink
Hello Friends!

Last week on my way to work I listened to CBC's Shelf Life with Canadian author Ivan Coyote. I enjoyed the discussion about how books influence authors and inform their writing style. This was my first introduction to the program and during the show the guest author is asked five questions:

What is your favourite childhood book?

What book would you give your younger self?

What book changed your life?

What book do you love to lend?

What book do you consider your guilty pleasure?

This inquiry sparked memories of the literature that inspired me as a child. Oh Say Can You Say and There's a Wocket in my Pocket provided hours of entertainment and laughter. There is something magical about Dr. Suess, his poetry, and especially his warm and fuzzy characters. 

Over the last couple of years, I have been recreating his illustrations and placing them in the house. We have a Nink above our sink, a Bofa on the sofa, a Woset in the closet, and Zlock behind our clock. Pictured below is our Zamp in the lamp: 

The Zamp in the Lamp
And if you look closely in the kitchen, you will find our recent addition! A Yottle in the Bottle! 

The Yottle in the Bottle
I have to say that the process of drawing a Dr. Suess character is as fun as reading one of his books. There is a great deal of latitude and flexibility in recreating his little agents of change. I have also learned about the movement of his hand as I trace his lines and about his thought process as I attempt to design such endearing and engaging characters. 

I am curious though, what authors or books inspired you as a child? Do you still carry those books with you? Do you share them with other children? What book would you give your younger self? What book changed your life?

I look forward to hearing your stories.

Have a great weekend!


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